Friday, September 24, 2010

Books, books & more books!

If you've been to Kidcity in the past few months, this is old news...

...the new bookstore is open!

There is a lot more room for reading, a corner bench and fun library stools to slide around on. And, of course, lots of new titles. (A book called Chester is the new staff pick, but we're also partial to Binky, the Space Cat.)

We've separated the books into categories like "Small World", "Cool Science", "Things that Go" and "Busy Books".

My personal favorite is the "Vintage" category. That means we have a special shelf for the books we loved when we were little -- they're now back in print for our own kids. So you can get Harold and the Purple Crayon and A is for Annabelle right here.

Matt built this nifty cabinet to hold 8 new styles of t-shirts - but we're still working on the designs.

What do you think of this one...maybe on a bright purple tee?

P.S. I'm crazy about the photo-fun carpet tiles in the new bookstore - they're from Flor!