Monday, May 3, 2010

The Red Room is Ready to Party!

We finished the Red Party Room back in early March, but I never shared my "before and after" photos. Of course, this being Kidcity, we don't actually feel like we are done with this project, and someday we plan to add a few more colorful accents around the room. That's the biggest problem we have...trying to decide when to move on to the next thing!

In my last post (a few months ago -- ahem), we'd just done the layout of the curved wall. The next step was to create windows that would let light in, but give party families some privacy.

Matt and Scott came up with these tiny openings, and then created handmade windows of glass beads floating in casting resin.

When the room was almost finished, we decided it needed more color -- a lot more color! So Scott designed this cool mural of a Frosting Factory run amok, spewing silver frosting all over the room.

It's really funny if you get up close and see the stuff these guys are doing:

Finally, here are a few shots of the room as it looks now:

Come take a peek next time you are at Kidcity!

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