Tuesday, May 4, 2010

What's Next?

Ever notice how construction causes a domino effect?

Last Fall, we decided to create a space where visitors could have snacks...so that meant we had to demolish the Red Party Room. Then we spent the Winter working on a new Red Party Room, with more space and light for better parties. Then we realized we had some extra space left over that could be used to expand the tiny bookstore next to our front desk, and that it would be even better if we redesigned the desk area first....

You get the idea.

So now we've finished the snacks, the parties and the front desk. It's time for the bookstore.

The people who work at Kidcity -- myself included -- are a little bit loopy on the subject of children's books. Next time you're at the front desk, ask Cait about Whangdoodles or Roxaboxen. Matt swears by Seven Silly Eaters. I'm completely unreasonable on the subject of author Lauren Child and her Clarice Bean picture books. In fact, quit reading this blog and go get yourself a copy of Guess Who's Babysitting, Clarice Bean. Happily for you, it comes out in paperback this month.

Now, where was I? Oh yes, our bookstore. Here are some photos of the old bookstore, and the construction in progress:

First we emptied out the old bookstore and tore down the wall.

Then we began experimenting with shelving ideas and carpet samples.

Then we worked out the room layout and prototyped a few different book display ideas.

Last week, Matt started building the shelves! Stay tuned.

And since you asked, here are just a few of the children's books that I think everyone should have "read out loud" to them, repeatedly, between the ages of zero and ten (listed here from youngest to oldest). We do carry these at Kidcity, but you can also find them at your local library!

Charlie Parker Plays Be Bop, by Chris Raschka
The Going to Bed Book, by Sandra Boynton
Blueberries for Sal, by Robert McCloskey
A is for Salad, by Mike Lester
When I was Young: A four-year-old's memoir of her youth, by Jamie Lee Curtis (yes, THAT Jamie Lee Curtis)
Bunny Money, by Rosemary Wells
When Dinosaurs Came with Everything, by Elise Broach
Clarice Bean, That's Me, by Lauren Child
Weslandia, by Paul Fleischman
Glinda of Oz, by L. Frank Baum (but only after you read the first 13 Oz books)
Trumpet of the Swan, by EB White

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